Picking the Best Vegetable Designed Table Tennis Paddle

As much as you may want to customize the table tennis paddles, you should not compromise on the international standards. If you are a vegetarian then the touch of the vegetable can be seen in the table tennis paddle. This could be in the design and also on the inclusion of them on the sides of the paddle. There are many ways in which you can tailor the paddle to suit the vegetable theme. Some of the ideas include:

  • The color
  • Artwork
  • Paintings
  • drawings
  • Printed designs

What is the best way to pick the vegetable design for the tennis table paddle?


As much as you may have different vegetables in the market; there is one that is your favorite. Just like when you ask about your favorite food, not that the rest are not but you pick one that will never miss on your table on the days that you just won’t get the best out of your own prepared meal. Once you have the passion in terms of the vegetable you like then you can now move a step further to look at the best way to present it on the ping pong paddle.

Availability of resources

There are cases you may wish to have a drawing on the paddle but you have no idea on the best way to present it. This is the time you now have to think beyond the box and yes achieve the objective but in a different way. You may have a printed design on the vegetable and just mount it in the paddles or get an artist to do it. This will depend on the availability of the right resources but with the aim of achieving the desired results.


In cases where you have all that you need within your disposal, you just have to go for what is pleasing to the eye as well as your preference. What do you prefer among the ideas on the vegetable design? You will notice that your preference will be in line with your likes and passion.

The theme

Most of the competitions or festivals or exhibitions that involve ping pong have a theme. It is the theme that will also determine the color of the day. When you want to customize the paddle specifically for the even then you need to mount a drawing or painting that rhymes with the color without interfering with the natural features of the vegetable. I mean there is no way you will use a carrot and paint a yellow color. It actually distorts the meaning.

The natural habitat

It is not necessarily you actually use the vegetable itself, you can be creative and opt for the natural habitat of the vegetable in the design of the paddle. In fact, a painting of a vegetable garden with all the favorite vegetables will save you the thought of the preference. What an idea!

You have diverse ideas on the best way to integrate them on the ping pong table, the available resources and time are the only limiting factor on what is best to have a customized ping pong paddle.