How to Safely Secure Your Farm Against Enemies

Every farmer’s joy to have a bumper harvest and pocket as much profit as they can. This is an ideal situation; the situation on the ground is different.

Farmers have many enemies, which include fellow farmers in the name of competition. Predators are also on the lookout for any loophole to enjoy a good meal. Nature is also not friendly, you may think of a layman farmer, but the character has all it takes.

After you have the profits, some cybercriminal somewhere is also waiting for your hard-earned money to sweep in a few clicks.

With all these, it’s essential to have a backup plan in case you have an attack from any of the enemies.

Here are the reasons

  • To maximize profits
  • To prevent losses
  • To reduce natural and artificial hazards
  • Maintain good health you’re your crops and animals
  • Minimize accidents
  • To have a third eye on your farm

What Then Are the Security Options for Your Farm?

Engage Armed Personnel

As long as the gates are handled by armed security personnel, you are safe but not entirely safe.

The kind of arms they have is a plus, for they act extra fast to kill or attack the enemy. Let’s be practical here; a farm is not a tiny acreage. How certain are you that your armed personnel will be everywhere on the farm, especially when it’s not fenced?

Criminals never just attack; they learn the security systems and use the weak point to attack their prey.

This option can only work in a secure environment with specific exits and entry, but not possible in an open farm.

If not, then a third eye is vital to use the armed personnel to act in an emergency. How fast can they be at the scene of the crime?

Liaise with the Weatherman for Protection

Natural disasters are uncontrollable. The weatherman is always on the lookout to give warnings and wake-up signs in case of any adversities.

That might be a blow to your farm since you also need the natural climate to grow yields. Despite that, some preventive measures come in handy to aid in such cases after it happens.

The best way to do this is to have a weatherman’s point of view of the climatic condition to know what to plant concerning the best crops that can withstand the current weather condition.

Install a CCTV Surveillance System

You can’t be everywhere on your farm. Even national parks and game reserves need security in their natural habitat. You need a third eye also to support the current security systems. It minimizes many movements and any games that one can lay on your farm.

With the CCTV cameras placed at strategic points to look at your farm at a glance, you are sure to aid the security department in their mandate in protection.

You need a person who monitors it throughout to be practical. Another advantage of a camera is that you can playback the events in case of any mishap.

Have Security Warning Signs

When you have warning signs all over and mean what you write, it’s a scare for criminals. When they know a dog is on-site, you don’t have to go through the legal battles when there is a breach.

It also helps to make criminals have a second thought when they plan their dubious deals. The more the signs, means more security systems; therefore, you confuse your enemy on what security operation to handle when planning their attacks.

It also comes in handy to help workers know what to do when it comes to handling emergencies. They are also helpful when we have fire outbreaks, and you have guests within the farm. Warning signs are security personnel in picture form.

Install Adequate Lighting Systems for Human Eye Surveillance

Your enemies will never attack you during the day. When everyone is on the farm, it’s the worst mistake they can make.

Who does that anywhere? At night, that’s the point where people are less keen; even the night workers can doze off; with plants which act as a cover, it’s easy to execute their deals now that no one sees them.

That’s why it’s essential to have an adequate lighting system to add more support to the existing security tools available.

Have a Perimeter Wall with An Electric Fence

One of the best and yet expensive ways of securing your farm is to have a perimeter wall fence with an electric fence on top.

This is important when you have a ranch to protect the animals from straying and getting into the wrong hands.

Also, it keeps human encroachers at bay; people plan to steal what they see. A perimeter wall gives you the necessary privacy you deserve; someone rarely knows what is beyond the wall unless you allow them.

That’s the point you now have to have an elaborate system of people getting in and out of your farm. With this, even if you have armed guards at the entrance, you are sure of maximum protection.

Which criminal can dare get on such a farm? You also keep unnecessary idlers at bay, which may be the spies to your enemies.

The kind of security protection is on a case-to-case basis. That is the only way to guarantee you maximum protection.

You have to identify the type of threats surrounding your farm for you to choose the most appropriate and ideal security option that will guarantee you all the protection.