About RFM

Ryan's Produce was Created in 2003

Before then, there were very few online resources for farmers. Most farmers were relying on books and farmer’s markets to get information about the latest farming tools. We decided to change this narrative and create an online website where farmers could access the latest information.

Our initial crew was made up of retired farmers and marketing experts. These people had witnessed the collapse of several farming firms, especially those that lacked the right tips. Initially, we concentrated on reviewing the latest equipment. For example, we covered software that helps farmers track their Produce. Soon, our operations expanded to new markets.

The farming landscape radically changed in the aftermath of the 2008 recession. Many farmers needed new markets for their Produce. This was not a difficult thing as we established a big network of farmers worldwide. Their expertise and information were shared with American farmers. As a result, our viewership increased significantly. By 2015, we were receiving at least 10,000 unique monthly views. Now we boast of 1000,000 unique monthly visitors.

We have learned many things in our short time of operation. One of them is that farming is a profitable business if you know what you’re doing. We have also learned that farming methods, markets, and technologies are volatile. You may plant your crops today when there’s very high demand, but there won’t be a market after the harvest. That is why you need analytics and market insights. In short, you need a partner that will guide you with the latest marketing insights. That partner is Ryan’s Produce.

Mission and Vision

Many professions have come and gone, but farming remains the most dependable profession. Nevertheless, this profession seems to have fallen behind in the recent past. While other industries have adopted technology, agriculture is still using outdated methods. That is we want to bring technical advances to farmers.

Our mission encompasses several spheres of farming. First, we want to encourage farmers to move towards organic farming. Organic farming plays a pivotal role to improve the general health of the population. It also contributes to the reduction of processed foods.

Our other mission is to introduce smart technology to farming. We think that businesses can save thousands of dollars if they use smart agriculture. We have already witnessed the introduction of artificial intelligence and the internet of things in our industries. Why can’t this happen in the farming industry? We believe that if farmers come together and discuss these technologies, they can provide smart solutions.

We also want to bring e-commerce to farmers. It is time farmers started selling directly to consumers on social media. When farmers sell now to the consumer, they cut out intermediaries. As a result, farmers can expect to get increased profits. This vision requires the building of an innovative community.